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Vision & Values

Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners. 

Laurence Sterne 

Our Vision

At Valley Park our vision is to be an outstanding school that provides the highest possible quality of education and personal development for our children. We want all children to leave us well-prepared for the next stage of their learning journey, and developed as responsible, resilient, well-rounded citizens. 

Our Values 

We are passionate about helping our children to become confident, resourceful, resilient, tolerant and well-educated members of our society. We promote high expectations - of staff and pupils. We are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining impressive staff, and helping them secure a healthy work-life balance. 

We want every child to attend school regularly in order to benefit from the excellent learning environment and passionate teachers so that individual needs are met.

We recognise that some of our children need extra support to achieve their potential and we are committed to making sure that is in place.

We want parents and carers to support us in our mission to build a love of reading, an understanding of the world we live in and respect for others in school and in the wider community so that our pupils can lead a successful and fulfilled future.

What do we want for Valley Park children?

We want all children, no matter who they are, to achieve well. To ensure they do this, we use the 4 I’s to drive our thinking throughout our whole curriculum, and maintain focus on what we believe is so important for our children: 

Impeccably Behaved 

Insatiable Readers 

Intelligent Talkers 

Inclusive Citizens 

To be able to achieve this, we command RESPECT. This is the underpinning expectation for everything we do at Valley Park, and without excuse. This applies to pupils, staff, parents, governors and the wider community.  

Within the core theme of respect, we model, teach and learn the 7 family values: 

Resilience Keep going and recover quickly 

Empathy Understand and share the feeling of others. 

Self-Respect Have pride and confidence in yourself. 

Punctuality Be on time. 

Enthusiasm Show excitement for learning and a thirst for knowledge 

Character Use your positive personal traits to guide your actions. 

Talk Share your thoughts and ideas with others.