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A day in the life of a Hedgehog

When I come into the classroom I am greeted by one of the Hedgehog teachers, who is always standing at the door with a big smile on her face, ready to greet me.

I find my peg and hang up my coat and bag. I then go and wash my hands before I start playing with my friends in our classroom.

I love to play in the home corner and pretend to cook something delicious! Sometimes I choose to build a spaceship out of building blocks in the construction corner. If I feel like I need a quiet moment, I can snuggle up and read a book in the cosy book corner.

While I settle in, my teacher comes over and asks me and my friends about the 'Picture of the Day' and she writes my words in our special book! This makes me feel really proud.

I can choose to have my snack when I first arrive or I can have it later when I am a bit hungrier. I think I will wait today because there are so many exciting things to play with! I’ll have it after circle time instead. For snack, we can choose a piece of fruit, a slice of bagel and a carton of fresh, healthy milk. I can help myself to my own water bottle too if I get thirsty.

When all my friends arrive, we have a circle time and learn all about our latest book. After we finish our story, it’s back to playing, but now I can choose to play in our classroom or the studio.

The studio is a fun place where I can choose to play with things that might be a bit messy. I can play in the water tray where I fill and empty jugs. Or I could paint a picture and take it home to show my grown-ups! Today I think I’ll play with play dough, rolling out the dough and using cookie cutters to make shapes. One of the teachers joins me, and we talk together as I play. My teacher asks me questions, helps me to learn some new words and gives me lots of challenges too! She keeps telling me how fantastic my play dough models are and this makes me feel so special and proud.

I hear the tambourine - that means it’s time to tidy up and get ready for phonics. Phonics is lots of fun and I learn so many new sounds and words.  After phonics we get to play outside. There are lots of exciting things to do. I can ride on a scooter, or build a sandcastle. I can play in the mud kitchen or draw on the pavement with some chalk. It’s so much fun outside!

It’s my day for my special group with my teacher, so I come inside to join in with a short activity with friends and my key worker. Today it’s counting to 10, I love counting!

When all my friends are back inside we wash our hands and find all our belongings ready for home time.

On the carpet we might read another story or sing some songs. I’ve had so much fun today playing and learning with my friends, I can’t wait to come back tomorrow and see everyone again!